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Uk.Msn.Com is currently ranked #17 on the world wide web by Alexa. It's IP address is The server is located in United Kingdom. It is indexed by Google with 2,550,000 indexed pages and by Bing with 1,560,000 indexed pages. With a Google PageRank of 6/10 the site has a high web authority. This data was last updated on 2012/10/27.

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Date Checked: 2012/10/27
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Top Search Engine Positions - 1 to 3

KeywordPositionDate CheckedEstimated Traffic
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msn messanger 22012/08/143765
msn home page 22012/06/133069
msn messenger hotmail 12012/06/192267
msn hotmail messenger 12012/07/272267
hotmail home page 22012/06/091373
hotmail msm 32012/06/09502
msn hotmail home page 32012/06/13502
hotmail com home page 22012/06/20169
m s co uk 12012/08/1558

Top Search Engine Positions - 4 to 10

KeywordPositionDate CheckedEstimated Traffic
msn messenger sign in 42012/08/151144
my msn hotmail 42012/06/05224
live msn messenger 42012/08/15123
msn hotmail sign up 92012/06/07102
hotmail messenger sign in 62012/06/2265
microsoft homepage 52012/05/0561
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hotmail sign in again 82012/08/1445
hotmail sign up email 102012/06/2235
Make MSN Your Homepage 52012/05/246

Top Search Engine Positions - 11 to 100

KeywordPositionDate CheckedEstimated Traffic
messenger hotmail 192012/05/10993
msn news 152012/05/07792
hotmaill 202012/08/14351
msn messenger online 192012/06/0239
make a new email 122012/09/1711
Free Messenger 172012/08/149
msn people search 142012/06/075
hotmail email 372012/06/090
msn email search 432012/06/120
msn instant messenger 292012/06/120

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