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Google.Co.In is currently ranked #12 on the world wide web by Alexa. It's IP address is 2a00:1450:4001:. It is indexed by Google with 7,340,000 indexed pages and by Bing with 162,000 indexed pages. With a Google PageRank of 7/10 the site has a high web authority. This data was last updated on 2012/10/16.

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Date Checked: 2012/10/16
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Top Search Engine Positions - 1 to 3

KeywordPositionDate CheckedEstimated Traffic
google india 12012/05/0769043
google news india 22012/10/024596
hyderabad map 32016/05/211130
discover music 22012/08/14915
google music search 32012/05/26502
in tamil 12016/02/09302

Top Search Engine Positions - 4 to 10

KeywordPositionDate CheckedEstimated Traffic
map of india 72016/05/266633
india map 92016/05/265728
google maps mobile 62012/05/261671
india road map 72016/02/12116
google student jobs 92012/07/089
download google chrome browser for windows xp 102012/07/253
delhi world map 62016/02/100

Top Search Engine Positions - 11 to 100

KeywordPositionDate CheckedEstimated Traffic 192016/05/2236720
www google com 232016/05/05155
find mobile location 142012/10/0256
download google map 132012/08/2846
top searches 142016/04/0620
google maps for mobile 192012/09/219
google com 342016/05/208
google homepage 212016/05/045
googl search 162012/05/093
google chrome free download mac 132012/06/181

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